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Have the Eye of the Tiger

You've got to have the eye of the tiger! I grew up hearing that statement and I honestly say that during those days I really don't know what it means. I wonder what's in the eye of the tiger. I know the song about it because I've even watched the movie "Rocky." The beat of the song is cool and it seems that the star of the movie get strengthened every time the song is played. I was being carried by its emotions, too. 

What is something about the "eye of the tiger?" It refers to the "eye spots" on the back of the tiger's ear serve to confuse predators and reduce the risk of attack from behind. Hence, once the prey sees the eyes, the tiger is about to attack. 

If we use the expression today, it could mean the fierceness and strength of the tiger. Now I understand why "Rocky" had the eye of the tiger. He got the fierceness and strength of the tiger. He displayed a never say die attitude. 

We face different life's battle and we have the choice whether we fight or surrender, allow the enemy laugh over us or make them cry. The eye of the tiger is a smile procedure we could use to laugh about the problems we are facing. We know we'll surely win at the end of the fight because we got the eye of the tiger in us.

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