Brief About Business Intelligence Systems

Analytics and business intelligence systems linked statistics, data, technology and business strategy in a form that's intuitive and easy for end users to interact with. A good practice is to improve and execute analytics and business intelligence systems using a balanced scorecard strategy. You can also visit to know more detail information about business intelligent systems.


An essential component to a good business intelligence system is a collection of dashboards that reflect and make sense of a wide array of corporate, public and third-party data. 

Extremely intuitive, visually appealing, information packed agile dashboards allow managers and end users to quickly know the most related facts pertaining to business performance.

Core dashboards in the business intelligence system should be built around the balanced scorecard approach and display key metrics for visual analysis by end users. Through a series of connected dashboards, end users can take a long dive into the key performance metrics to know how they changed over time, how they are interrelated and how they are predicted to perform in the future. You can look at this web-site in order to get online tableau training program.

Supporting dashboards show how particular projects, initiatives or functions relating to the overall performance of the company. By data cubes and models, end users can dig down into the cause and effect relationship that every business decision has a number of interconnected components of organisational operations.

Software/ Technology 

Business Intelligence is a comprehensive concept with various functions including management reporting, forecasting, ad hoc analysis, segmentation, alerts, and optimisation. There are various business intelligence software/technology offerings on the market with price tags ranging for free to six figure. 

Purchasing new software doesn't guarantee progress with analytics and business intelligence. A thorough financial and technology gap analysis should be done before buying a new software.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy

The balanced scorecard is a performance management system that connects non-financial and financial performance metrics and organisational aims. Strategic goals are documented in business terminology and connected with metrics. Goals and metrics are split out and organised into four categories such as customer,  financial, internal process and human resources.

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