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3 healthy drinks for weight loss

We always want to stay in shape, fit and healthy. For that, we try eating foods that help in fat burning, or do workouts. But consider drinking something refreshing and tasty, while you make sure you do not consume too many calories, so as to lose weight quickly.

Here are some of the healthy beverages that should be a part of your diet, if you want to burn fats and speed up your metabolism.

Green Tea: This extremely healthy beverage contains many antioxidants, including catechins and a small amount of caffeine, and other beneficial compounds which aid in fat burning, increasing metabolic rate, and ultimately helping to reduce body weight. Find more on healthy diet in the 3 week diet plan pdf free download, which explains how to lose 20+ pounds in 3 weeks!

Coffee: A cup of coffee an hour before workout, energizes you and increases your metabolic rate so you exercise with full energy and burn calories at a much faster rate. Moreover, caffeine in coffee also stimulates the fat cells to break down fat.

Watermelon smoothie: Water is not only a purifier, but also makes you eat less, by giving a feeling of fullness. Watermelon itself is more than 90% water and a low-calorie fruit.

Start using these three drinks today.

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