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Is All Fat Bad If You Are Trying To Lose Weight?

Courtesy:Zveron Fitness Blog

Most people believe that the best way to lose calories is to consume less fats and this trend has been popular for a long time. Although, fats contain more calories there is no need to completely avoid them. There are ways, mentioned below, in which you can use them for your advantage.

1. Fats instead of carbs

If you are consuming more fats, you are consuming fewer carbohydrates. Lesser carbohydrates in your body mean that the overall insulin levels are lower. Insulin tells the nutrients where to go in your body; higher levels of insulin would have led to storage of fats in the wrong places such as your liver. More fats instead of carbs means that you can use them to build up your muscles.

2. Lower levels of adiponectin

Eating a diet which is low in fats means that adipokines, a fat burning hormone released from your fat cells is lower in your body. This will reduce your ability to control your appetite and maintain a good metabolism.

3. Feel more satiated

Eating more fats have good hormonal and metabolic impacts. You feel full sooner and can regulate your hunger more easily. However, if you consume a low calorie diet you get hungry sooner.

Therefore, the next time you go to a Thailand Fitness Camp, remember these benefits of fats and plan your diet plan accordingly. You can even get more information specific to your body from a specialist available at the camp.

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