The Feeding Pet Pigeons

Why is it that people can’t stop feeding the birds? Have you ever noticed whenever you venture out into a park somebody is feeding the pigeons, the ducks, or several other species of bird? This probably isn’t an excellent idea because the kinds of items that people eat birds, especially wild birds, probably are not all that great for them.

Peoples feed birds things like popcorn, pieces of bread, and other similar things. This isn’t in their natural and ordinary diet unless of course they’re city birds, and they have adapted for such, which is exactly what pigeons have done for example.

The last bird you would like to feed is a pigeon because they prefer to remain near their food supply. And where you feed them is where they will hang out, and where they will use their ultrasound bird calls to help map the place for their thoughts. Once they decide to reside in a specific area, it is almost impossible to eliminate them. If you want to know more about Feeding For Pigeons click at

You can put up bird spikes and lots of small business owners do, and several homeowners associations and high-rise condominium complex managers try the same. Still, it’s tough to eliminate these birds as they will find somewhere to land, you can not put the spikes on every single horizontal surface.

Pigeons really only require a few inches against a wall to perch – and, where they perch is where they let loose of the waste, and they appear to have indigestion, and nausea judging by what they release when they eat people food. 

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