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Turn off your TV while eating

We are living in such an era where we cannot keep the electronic devices at bay. However, one way or the other, you must keep away yourself from the electronic devices while eating the foods during your diet plans.

Studies have revealed that people usually eat more while using electronic devices. This is a very unfortunate fact that people even do not know how much they have eaten while using their gadgets. No matter how many of the best and most effective weight loss pills you’re using, you won’t lose weight if you continue using gadgets when you eat.

Same is the case with television. You must not eat the food while watching the television because you eat more.

Studies have shown that people actually are unable to track their food intake. A study of 24 people depicted that people who were using electronic devices ate 15% more than the people who were not using the electronic devices.

The reality is that you only concentrate on your food intake and you become conscious about your food when you are not distracted while eating the food.

As we have seen that a person can eat 15% more in a single session and if you use electronic devices during the three meals in a day it means that you’ll eat approximately 45%. Eating 45% more in a day will not only ruin your diet plan but it will make your obese as well.

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