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How to use wet floor signs with stanchions and cones?

We all have been to supermarkets; they are an all-time favorite for people to get everything under one roof. However, have you imagined the number of dirt people might be bringing in as well, but supermarkets always seem to be sparkling clean?

This is because they keep it super clean and healthy, but the challenge that they face is how to keep it clean without people getting hurt by slipping or losing balance on wet floors.

Well, here is where the “Wet Floor Sign” has to be introduced. These wet floor signs are designed to let all customers know that the surface, they are walking upon is wet and therefore, could be slippery when they see it. They also alleviate some legal liability should someone fall on a properly marked floor. These signs can come in a variety of colors and even languages. The most common color for a wet floor sign is yellow because it offers the most visibility.

Using plastic signs with stanchions and cone units, you would be able to provide a sturdy and durable alternative to filmy plastic signs. It is cost saving and not only will your signage last longer and stand out more but, also be able to use them for other purposes like queuing should choose to use it in that manner.

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