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Your Guide to Bare boating Croatia

Split is the greatest city in the Adriatic shore. It’s full of sights to visit, has vibrant restaurants to take to and fantastic marinas to begin a Croatian sail boat charter.

Split up is at the middle of it and also will be offering you great infrastructure to get yachting in addition to a unforgettable adventure because of its very own distinctive beauty. Sailing yacht charter split up is just one of some sort, therefore why don’t we inform you a little about any of it.

You’re arranging a vessel leasing from split up – Just how do you arrive?

Split up is quickly accessible. Its airport terminal is located 2-4 km north out of the metropolis. It’s the next largest in Croatia after Zagreb and manages tens of thousands of passengers annually.

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That marinas in split up are best fitted to bare boat charter yachts?

It’s well protected by way of a long breakwater and supplies the broad selection of services and repair centers.

The way to charter a vacation in Split up?

As a way to do motor or sailing yacht charter Split that you may call for a skipper’s license or proof which you’ve got adequate sailing encounter.

There are a few quite professional businesses such as yacht charter leasing in split up and you’re able to utilize Yacht Finder to find the very best deals and discover the ideal charter combination for the personal sailing holiday.

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