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Evolution of Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality (AR) might have been believed to be a dream some years ago, but today it isn't. With numerous technological improvisations, the augmented reality software has been contained in the actual world atmosphere.

This technology is presently addressing the live computer created pictures which improve the display of specific computer software programs. Presently there are 3 Kinds of screens used from the augmented reality programs:

1. Smartphone behind iPhone and Android OS.

2. Head Mounted Display, for example, Google Project Glass

3. Generating vision on any surface throughout the spatial screen.

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Certain applications That Are already encouraging the Augmented Reality on Various devices are:

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Education is a really important sector to be targeted when it concerns the augmented reality program. There are lots of applications that may give details, statistics, and description of their background, the only thing that the user must do is point their mobile phones towards the historic monument.


It's a really suitable application behind the AR since it joins using the GPS to supply directions from point A to Point B. Currently this technology is just used by many companies.


The coating is an iPhone and Android program that's responsible for displaying important details like Cinema, Business, Gas Station, ATM, etc. 


The newest AR technology can also be valuable for the medical sector as it can quickly deliver the physicians and surgeons using the info concerning the patient's blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

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