If you’re looking for a good way to teach your child to tell time and to get himself up in the morning, consider investing in a children’s alarm clock. You don’t just want to pick out the first one you find, however, because there are different features that are suitable for different children. Here’s a quick look at what you should consider before you hit the mall to go shopping for a childrens alarm clock.

Starting by taking into consideration your child’s age, because there are styles suited to toddlers, preschoolers and tweens. For a toddler, you’ll want something colorful with familiar characters adorning it, whereas preschoolers might benefit from a teaching clock. The Teach Me Time clock is a good option to help your child learn what the hands on the dial mean. You can get this 25% off with a mothercare voucher.

Children’s clocks are available in either conventional analog style or with digital numbers that glow in the dark. For children who already know how to tell time, a digital clock is usually preferable because it’s easy to read when half asleep.

Most clocks offer the choice of either music or a buzzer to wake up to. You’ll want to make sure the music is age appropriate if it’s a preset song. Or choose a clock radio so they can select their favorite style of music. Another good feature appreciated by most is when the music starts out quietly and gradually grows in volume.

It’s a good idea to get a clock that has a backup battery. This can be very useful in areas where the power tends to go out a lot. A snooze function might be fun for your little one, but you don’t want them getting into the habit of hitting it all the time and never getting up. Some clocks even have a vibration feature that extends from the clock under the bed or pillow to add some extra incentive to get up.


Body language plays a big part in human interactions. In a social setting, taking just one look at someone will immediately tell the observer what kind of person he/she is dealing with. But what exactly can you read about someone by looking at their body language? And what kind of effect does it have on others?

If you would fill a room with random people and observe them for some time, you will soon start to see who feels comfortable in that setting and who does not. The people how are more comfortable will usually make themselves bigger by standing straight, taking up more room and even talking louder than others. The people who are shy, will usually do the exact opposite – talk silently and try to take up as little room as possible.

This will also affect how these people behave with each other. The people who are more comfortable in the environment, will have no problems talking to everybody in the room and don't shy away taking up others time, they talk more slowly and usually make slow and relaxed gestures – they feel at ease in their body. The shy people on the other hand are usually very nervous and sometime even try very fast and fidget while doing this.

Interestingly enough, this kind of behavioral pattern also is seen in the human mating behavior where women prefer a man with a masculine, confident body language and a lower voice to a guy who has trouble standing still and raises the pitch of his voice. This is why men who want to have more success with women, should demonstrate a confident body language.

Like we can see, your body language will definitely affect the way you are seen by others as well as how they react to you. Therefore, demonstrating confident and strong body language in any social setting will give you an advantage.