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Auto Paint Protection and Care

I remember when I first bought my new car, I was amazed at the appearance of the new paint job and I knew that from then on I would keep the paint looking good.

Well, 3 years later I saw a car that had excessive spraying and very much dirt. You can get paint protection film in NYC from various web sources. Here are some tips on how you can protect and maintain your vehicle's paint job:

What is clear: Wash your vehicle?

The most obvious tip in this article is to wash your vehicle. I knew that it might not need to be mentioned but even I became lazy every now and then failed to get out and wash my car. I will refrain from using car washing because they can accidentally scratch the paint of your vehicle.

Corvette Z06 getting Xpel Ultimate paint protection film on front bumper

Secure Your Vehicle:

If you can keep your vehicle in the garage when you are at home, of course, bring it there! You can keep your paint job from random debris and excessive spraying that your neighbors don't tell you about. I experienced this several times. In addition, try to keep your vehicle from as much sunlight as possible.

Keeping Your Paint Wax:

Many people don't realize that your paint is like the skin on your body. When the heat outside the pores in open paint causes dirt and debris to fill, it easily damages the paint on your vehicle.

Applying a Good Sealer:

Car Sealants became popular around the end of the 1980s and since then people have used what is known as a "clear coat" to coat the paint of their vehicles for added protection. After a while of wear and tear, your paint will begin to lose a clear sealer or coat and you have to add more.

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