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How To Crowdfund: 3 Important Steps

Crowfunded start-ups can range in business spectrum from local shops and restaurant owners, to film projects, to construction, to technology companies, and more. In an interesting twist to the marketing plan, your best customers will be your crowd funding investors.

Talk about brand loyalty! Communities can now invest in themselves and community members will share in the upside (incited to help prevent the downside). To get more info about Crowdlending & P2P lending investment you may explore the internet.

Furthermore, new businesses and / or spinoffs rarely receive support from the banking or investment community lately. Money follows money, but how do you get the first round investor to make the leap?

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Increase your initial capital through crowdfunded offers, and you now generate interest among angels, VCs, and bankers, for further capital.

There are many interesting things here, but there are also many rules to learn and navigate, all of which will be published for the rest of this year before the PORTALS CROWDFUND can be launched.

What we know is that the JOBS Act will require every business that is seeking crowdfunding (a.k.a. "publisher") to make certain disclosures about its business (although compared to public stock offerings, less will be needed). General disclosure requirements will include:

The identity of the current board of directors, officials and corporate investors who hold more than 20% of the company's shares;

Business description;

Business plan;

Finance of the company (audited or unaudited depends on the size of the offer);

Reveal how the business will use results;

Number of target offers;

A description of the ownership and capital structure of the issuer; and

Other information as may be needed by the SEC is based on regulations that must be prepared for the JOBS Law.